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Annex Real Estate School

 It's About You and Your Real Estate Career 

Annex Real Estate School is an Authorized Massachusetts Real Estate School. After meeting a minimim practical class base size, your class size is limited to assure class quality.  No large auditoriums,  lecture halls or banquet rooms.

The teaching staff for the pre-licensing Mass. real estate classes are experienced real estate Brokers who are actively working in the real estate field at our affiliated real estate firm. . Your classroom instructors are also state Approved Real Estate Instructors. The BONUS for you as the student is that you will be learning in a classroom experience in an active real estate office environment. You will not only be taught the knowledge needed to pass the test, but also receive a very good understanding of the real estate field.

"What do I need to do to become licensed as a real estate salesperson or broker in Massachusetts?"  To become licensed as a salesperson or broker in Massachusetts you must complete the requisite education, pass the relevant examination and complete the appropriate licensing application.

At the outset you must first become licensed as a salesperson before you can become a broker. To become licensed as a salesperson you will complete forty hours(effective June 1, 2011) of classroom education at a Massachusetts Licensing Board Approved Real Estate Schools such as Annex Real Estate School.. Your school must follow the state approved syllabus.  You must take and pass your examination within 24 months (2 years) of completing your classroom instruction. 
You must also be a) at least 18 years old, b) have a valid Social Security number c) be a person of good moral charactor.( You will need 3 persons to verify that they know you and attest to this fact. )

Do not be misled by online ads. There are NO ONLINE CLASSES  approved by Massachusetts for the Salesperson or Brokers Pre-Licensing Examinations. You must be in a  LIVE, in-person classroom setting with your Massachusetts instructor at an Approved location.

Once your education is completed at Annex Real Estate School, you will be provided with the authorized Real Estate Candidate Handbook.  This Handbook will contain verification of your completed education and information on how to make your appointment and other information about the state's real estate salesperson examination. This information will be reviewed with you by your instructor at Annex Real  Estate School upon competion of your classroom hours.  The  Examinations are offered frequently at Massachusetts state testing centers in Boston and at other locations in Massachusetts. . Upon passing the two parts of the examination, the General and Massachusetts portions, you will be licensed at the test center. 

As a licensed Massachusets Real Estate Salesperson, you will be eligible to apply for an interview at our affiliated real estate office Century21 Annex Realty.

Those licensed Real Estate Salespersons who seek licensure as Brokers follow a practice similar to the one outlined for Salespersons above. There are, however, two differences. First, those Salespeople seeking licensure as a Broker must work full time (25 hours per week minimum) for a Broker for at least three years before they can move on to licensure as a broker (the work experience must either be current or completed no more than two years prior to the time of broker examination and licensure).  
And, Second they must  complete an addtional  forty  hours of classroom instuction at a Board approved real estate school..

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LAW STUDENTS NOTE: Massachusetts law school students are eligible to take the Salesman examination without taking the Real Estate Salesman course provided he/she has successfuly completed a course in real property at a Massachusetts Law School. Contact the Board of Registration fon details on how to obtain the education waiver.

MASSACHUSETTS ATTORNEYS NOTE: To become a Massachusetts Real Estate Broker, any applicant who is an attorney at law in good standing of this Commonwealth shall not be required to take such examination. Contact the Board of Registration for details.

NOTE: IF YOU WERE PREVIOUS LICENSED IN MASSACHUSETTS AS A REAL ESTATE BROKER OR SALESPERSON, The Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salemen will no longer issue you a new license number.  If you wish to resume your career in Real Estate, contact the Board who will determine on an individual basis what you must do to become re-instated.